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Alice collage

Top left top row: iassen ghiuselev’s Alice in Wonderland and Mervyn Peake’s Wonderland fish messenger. Top left bottom row: Lela Dowling’s comical alice and on the right, one of the paintings from Charles Blackman’s Alice series.

Left bottom – Robert Ingpen’s interpretation of Alice in the pool of tears.

Right bottom – Arthur Rackham’s Queen and King of hearts.

Top right – this quirky creature could only be the work of Ralph Steadman! It’s one of the lesser known Alice books… you come across Rackham, Tenniel and Oxenbury editions far more frequently than a Steadman set. I love that he manages – like Tenniel – to create such a character in black and white pen drawings. I am sure that Ralph Steadman’s Alice drawings might be considered by some parents as downright scary, but I love them!