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Christmas 2011

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Bondi Late Boxing Day

Baby, Grandma & Great Grandma I


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Bondi Boxing Day 2011

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Flying down the rabbit hole

Ok Dad. Since you were underwhelmed by my collection of Alice in Wonderland Rabbits, let’s try the more colourful offering on the right.

I feel like Lela dowling’s Alice this week. Yes. That’s me with the pigtails flying through the air. Only my legs aren’t that skinny! With DIY wheelchair construction, followed by car accident, followed by more wheelchair construction and then 2 days in a research forum in Melbourne my brain is as wobbly as poached eggs!

If I’m that Alice, please do not worry mum. The family likenesses end there. Unless you can think of a family member as fat as the duchess, as mean as the queen of hearts of as wirey as those playing cards? Nope. See. No family likenesses!

Pictures references: top left – Lela Dowling’s Alice, Bottom Left – Rodney Matthew’s Card People; Bottom Right – Robert Sabuda’s Pop Up Duchess and Baby, Top Right – Frances Bloomfield’s Queen of Hearts, Rodney Matthew’s Jabberwocky and Robert Sabuda’s Pop Up Rabbit and Playing Cards.