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Little Chilli


Today it was time to say goodbye to Chilli who has been in our family for almost 13 years.

She’s had a number of health problems over the past few months and this morning at about 7am she took a turn for the worse and we knew it was time.

Typical chilli – whenever she had a bad turn it was rarely during business hours. Mum and I sat with her waiting until it was near 10 when the vet opened.

With so much trouble breathing, the kindest thing to do was to put her to sleep. She drifted away very peacefully.

We took her home and put her near the rose mum and dad just planted for their 40th wedding anniversary.

Chilli loved to have conversations with mum, dad and I. She was a great talker, good at rolling and having a little tummy rub and watching the world cautiously from a distance. She will be missed.

My fur baby


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I know that chilli is probably not looking as relaxed as this at the fat farm, but I am taking solace in the fact that she has two very good attendants who are available to feed her minute amounts multiple times a day to prevent vomiting. As mum said, she is a special needs cat. I – and chilly – are lucky to have such supportive parents to take up the caring duties. Next week when I’m back at work it will be good to know that she has company and a steady stream of food. I do miss her though knowing that she is doing ok… maybe even better than here… makes me happy.



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After a week of shocking economic news, there are not really pictures to paint. What could I draw, or paint that expresses how unsettling these times are? Instead I spent the evening dyeing paper – mostly blue and green. And having chilli sit on me. Then not. Then come back. Then get off. (Times by four!)

The scoreboard

Don’t adjust your screens… it is almost the same photograph as a couple of entries ago – she’s just turned around! She’s exhausted from all the energy that she has been using up trying to avoid taking her calming tablets.

My experience with chill is almost like one of those classic pet owner / tablet comedy sketches.

Buried in cheese… what is that mum? Some strange yellow thing I’m not touching.

Crushed up in cream. Two licks. Nice try mum but I ain’t drinking that.

Buried in one small piece of chicken. Said piece of chicken devoured around the edges and tiny piece with tablet left in it… well, left!

So after all that I resorted to the traditional method of pushing the tablet in her mouth and rubbing under her chin to get her to swallow. This won me 3 victories, although not without the tablet being spat out at least once. It also handed victory to chill who after three times of spitting it out left me with a slimy tablet that I had not the slightest inclination to try to push into her mouth a third time. Her second victory was far less dramatic… she simply pretended to swallow and when I let go she spat it out in disgust.

I advised my mother of the 3 to 2 scoreboard. She had one final suggestion – put a bit of butter around the tablet and maybe when I put that in her mouth she would suck the butter because it tasted good and swallow.

No prizes for guessing… she sucked the butter – every last bit of the butter – and then spat out the tablet. So I took a deep breath, picked up the tablet and had another go.

The score now stands at 4 to 2 my way!

Chilli Cat

‘At last!’ cried 21st century Alice – a blog with pictures! Thanks to brother chalk and papa for helping to resolve the technical issue that left me colourless.Pictured on the right is my cat Chilli. She’s mad but I love her. Her insanity is in the form of acute shyness. She does not hiss or scratch. She is a gentle thing – if you can find her! She doesn’t hide from me and will, in more recent times, insist on sitting on my lap or curling up next to me in bed. We take our cat naps together on a Sunday afternoon.