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By special request

My dad has asked, ‘where is the footage of Pickle and the Carrot?’

No, it’s not a Christmas panto with the pantry contents as stars. It’s the footage of how the great ginger ninja responded to the cosmic catnip carrot.

The carrot’s feathers were very shortlived.


Licorice and Saffron meet the Catnip Carrot

‘I’m looking for a toy to wear Pickle out,’ I said.

Dedicated Cat Protection Staff Member recommends a Catnip Carrot. She promises me that this toy never fails. I order one. I wait. I brought it home and this is the reaction. (For those of you who find it hard to tell my girls apart – I can’t think of why?! – Saffron is first to check out the carrot).

What can I say? At 11 Licorice can still beat the crap out of a catnip carrot. Good call Bronwyn. Excellent advice as always. Let’s hope Pickle likes his just as much.