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a beautiful day


29 Shattered Glass Door

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Beep. One one thousand, two one thousand. Beep. One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand. Beep. One one thousand. Beep.

Wouldn’t it be better if the irritating noise had a consistent pattern? The noise – let me call it something – hmmm… Garth-weck-er… visits nightly at about 11pm. Garth-weck-er has all the charm of a dripping tap. But he is not a dripping tap. He is like a dishwasher clicking on and off the heat cycle. But he isn’t a dishwasher. I have no idea what Garth-weck-er is, other than inconsistent in rhythm but bloody annoying nonetheless. The moment I think he’s gone – beep, one one thousand, two one thousand BACK!

But enough groaning. The highlight of the weekend, was stumbling across the art of Tomasz Setowski while surfing the web. Imaginary, whimsical realism. Painted with precision and a delightful – indeed enviable – use of colour.

The second highlight of the weekend was progress. I painted sides of canvasses – 12 sides in total. I put on coats of varnish. I sold some items on ebay as part of my mission to have at least the same number of items exit, as enter, my limited space. I made a batch of stewed apple. I survived 20 minutes on the treadmill at the gym with the incline turned on. I flawlessly gave chilli her pills 2 nights in a row. These are all little things… but added together they start to outweigh any others. And now I’d like another little thing (greedy, aren’t I?) I’d like garth-weck-er to shut up, so it’s just me, the cicadas and sleep!

Crinkled taffeta

I went in search of crinkled taffeta… like that featured in this much love brown and autumn coloured skirt. I had dreams of making something similar – maybe in deep wine or burgundy colours.

I came home with this instead.

Unlike crinkled taffeta, perfectly smooth. Unlike crinkled taffeta, will require ironing. Unlike crinkle taffeta, will require lining. But it’s pretty!!! (The colours here are unfortunately misrepresented – you need to imagine a more greenish-brown-gold tinge to the fabric; far warmer than it appears in this shot. And also imagine, without the cat. I know it’s difficult as she sticks her nose in everything I’m doing, but she will not be part of the accessories to this outfit!)

For Sale

One of a kind alarm clock. Never before seen at auction. Dimensions: about 60kg. Will not fit in luggage. Special features: wakes only at 3:30am. Comes with mad but sweet tortoise shell cat. Two parts will not be sold separately.

Making do

Some days working for a not for profit is a frustrating exercise. I remember a few years ago there was a survey of staff. One of the key findings was around the built environment. People complained about what the office looked like. I recall being surprised. I never really thought about the fact the chairs didn’t match. That generally the only “good” chair is the one you sit on all day – meetings rooms and tables get all the rejects. I didn’t pay much attention to the ‘decor’. After all, it is a not for profit. It is functions does it really matter if it’s slightly out of fashion?

But this afternoon I found myself feeling quite frustrated. In most businesses, employees wouldn’t be waiting until “after hours” to complete tasks because it might crash the server. And while I didn’t crash the server, the server crashed my file. So then I chopped it up into smaller bits, so it wouldn’t time out. I could complete 10,000 records at a time, but as soon as I tried for 15,000 it died. It’s days like this when working in a not for profit is frustrating.

But on days like this I remind myself that I’m not working 70 hours a week to make a profitable company even more profitable. It doesn’t make the frustration vanish, but it eases it a little. Hopefully with a good night sleep, I will go back in tomorrow and find the server has crunched my file overnight. If it rejects it, guess I’ll spend some time tomorrow making the one big file, a few smaller files and try again tomorrow after most people have logged out for the day. Thank goodness this project only comes around once a year.

Goodbye voice

I have no voice. Zero. Nothing. Nil. Zip. Diddly-squat. I just tried to call my cat from the other room and not surprisingly she didn’t come. One could argue that this is just part of normal cat behaviour. Or that perhaps she is still holding a grudge for the pills I’ve been – TRYING – to pop down her throat. But the most plausible explanation is that she just didn’t hear the squeak that come out of my mouth. Whispers really don’t travel a long way!

World speed

Lone daisy

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You’ve heard of light speed right? But I wonder is there such a thing as world speed? I don’t mean the speed at which the earth spins. I am referring to the speed at which people live. We have all these things to make our lives quicker and easier. I don’t need to go out to shop, I can use the internet and have it delivered to my door. Banks aren’t required when cash comes from ATMs, or EFTPOS at the supermarket… or then again, no cash at all – just all on cards. People can now write blog entries on their iphones while sitting on public transport. (Not me… no iphone here)

What’s the point in all this? Well, I want to know why in an age where there are all these things to save time, people are always so busy. Perhaps being a single person, I notice this more. When friends get busy, they retreat into their nucleus family. Their lives become a rotating wheel of family committments, engagements and tasks. I phone, email, or text them, but after a while I think that I’m just being annoying so tend to stop. I recently had a friend point out to me that single people can be just as busy; it’s not marital status or coupledom that causes this busy nature. And I’m sure that they are right… after all look at someone like the Dalai Lama – he’s single and he is a very busy man! Still, I’m sure that children make many people time poor as they go from a succession of day care, through school, weekend sports, music lessons and who knows what else.

When I get in these moods I try to remind myself that it’s just a bit of loneliness. It can’t kill me, it can’t hurt me. I have a roof over my head, I have money to pay bills, I have food. If I can just distract myself for a little bit, this will soon go.

So given the only contact with someone else I’m likely to have this evening is my cat… perhaps it’s time to stop pondering the busy lifestyle of others and make myself busy with a spot of painting… or perhaps I should chop up some of those strawberries, throw on some alcohol and then heat them up for dessert.


Maple Leaf

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This weeks domestic learning: cooked prawns freeze well, octopus does not. Unless of course you fancy re-heated rubber for dinner…

an excess of lemons

an excess of lemons

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16 lemons. That’s how many my mother supplied me with. I offered some to friends upstairs, but they already had 4 of their own! So I’m thinking tomorrow I’ll start cutting them up, squeezing out the juice into ice cube trays and freezing the juice.

It was a cook-a-thon evening. 7 extra meals are in the freezer, the dishes are done and at almost 11pm, time to call it a night.

While extra food in the freezer is a great plus, the highlight of the evening was showing a friend the painting she commissioned from me. It’s probably 80% finished, but the remaining 20% was not going to change the piece significantly, so I wanted to show her before I ploughed on. After 8 weeks of sometimes high frustration with this painting, it was an ernomous relief that her reaction was so positive. She is delighted with the painting. Now that’s a good note on which to end an evening and hopefully fodder for pleasant dreams.

Winter Cleaning

Partial Wing

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It’s a little early for spring cleaning, but I decided to do some anyway. It seems the season to be busy as everyone around me seems extremely occupied, so I thought I best busy myself with my own project. I’ve lived in this unit for over a year and a half and for most of that time, there have been objects coming in, but very little going out. I therefore have a lot of clutter. Today some of that disappeared, with the help of my mum – who else would do that kind of task with you? Thank you puddy.