A lot of fuss about a frog

A woman approached me in the carpark the other day. ‘Do you have the garden with the rockery?’ ‘No it’s my neighbours’, I said with a touch of jealously as it’s a much nicer space that my courtyard. Turns out this other neighbour isn’t so excited about the beautiful rockery. Apparently there was a knocking noise that kept everyone awake. ‘Is there a pump?’ she asked me. Not being privy to the intricacies of rockery plumbing I couldn’t really say. ‘There’s turtles’ was my best contribution to the conversation.

Turns out this knocking that kept everyone awake is in fact a frog. A striped marsh frog to be exact. I opened my living room doors to hear this noise for myself. Every now and then I do hear a ‘clock’ sound. As soon as I shut my doors, I can’t hear a thing.

My neighbour said to me that they might make her fill in the pond and get rid of the frogs. Can they do that? I’m not really sure. Part of my wonders where it ends. Do they make me chop down my plants because they attract birds and they make noises? It’s an odd one. I guess everyone has the right to some peace and quiet. Yet they can have that if they just sleep with the doors closed? The noises from people coming and going from the lobby; or the plumbing in the building are far noisier than any frog.

This of course is coming from the person who when Andrew bought a ticking clock, I had to move it to another room because it was all I could hear!

Still, I vote in favour of the frog. Unfortunately I don’t get a vote – such is the standing of the renter.


Posted on October 8, 2015, in Life. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Sounds like the people who move to the countryside and then complain about the cows mooing 😦 I hope the frog gets to stay! Too many people want to control other peoples lives 😦

  2. Frogs are endangered all over the world. Fight for the frog!

  3. Every golf course in Sydney has to provide their own water. The Course where I play dug a very large hole in front of the tee on the third hole which is known now as the pond hole.

    Frog paradise, so they moved in Croak, Croak, Croak!!

    The neighbours complained!

  4. Oh for goodness sake, how ridiculous. The frog should stay; the woman can find somehwhere else, somewhere barren and lifeless that suits her better.

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