By special request

My dad has asked, ‘where is the footage of Pickle and the Carrot?’

No, it’s not a Christmas panto with the pantry contents as stars. It’s the footage of how the great ginger ninja responded to the cosmic catnip carrot.

The carrot’s feathers were very shortlived.


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  1. So cute. Love the way the death-kick got confused with the head-scratch.

  2. I’m with Nadbugs. Maybe have to put the on the list f toys to keep MasterB amused when we are afloat.

  3. Nadbugs that’s my favourite part too! Isobel, I’ve shown it to 6 cats – Pickle, Saff and Licorice all love it. Gesso and mum’s two – Pippy and Poirot – aren’t at all interested! Fortunately it’s not a very expensive toy. I’m guessing if he likes other catnip then he will LOVE this one. My girls have only had a so-so reaction to catnip before. The Cat Protection lady was right – this one is so much stronger, they just love it.

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