When cats don’t get along

IMG_3623Gesso has been pulling out his own fur. We thought we were doing the right thing by taking him to the vet to check for a medical cause before we decided it was an anxiety behaviour.

After visiting the vet, he came home to a very bad reception by Pickle. Apparently it can happen. One cat goes to vet, other cat acts aggressively when it comes home because he doesn’t recognise his scent. PIckle decided to attack Gesso, if poor Gesso wasn’t anxious before, after a vet trip and being jumped on repeatedly by Pickle, he certainly was now.

The following day, Pickle continued to behave very aggressively. So Pickle went for ‘cat time out’ – kind of like the naughty corner; for a week; at the mothership.

We researched the reunion.

We did the scent swapping etc. Pickle has lost all his aggressive behaviour but unfortunately Gesso has a memory. So when Pickle comes up to groom Gesso; or to play, Gesso runs away. He is just plain scared.

The situation is unresolved and rather stressful. Hence the lack of blogging. When there is a resolution, I’ll let you know!


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  1. Oh I hope its soon resolved, good luck.

  2. I have a ginger tom who overgrooms.

    It originally started because of an unneutered tom terrorising him, and he’s licked his inner thighs bald before now. Several visits to the vet led to valium (he was hyped up by it!), steroids, Bach flower remedies and Feliway being tried.

    Eventually he was put on half a female hormone tablet a week and it seems to be coming under control. This is three years after the other tomcat was rehomed elsewhere.

    Now I am dealing with indoor cat territorialism following the introduction of a new cat. The original queen has learned how to spray – not fun!

    Although it is hard, you may need to accept that Gesso is the undercat of the household.

    • Oh Sophie how awful. Thankfully our situation is not as bad as that.

      We are in no doubt that Gesso is bottom cat! He always has been, but he hasn’t always pulled out his fur and been so frightened of Pickle’s over zealous playfulness.

      We are working on a concept for a custom construction that will give Gesso a safety zone Pickle cannot access. Interesting times ahead.

  3. Try a few Bach flower essences–the ones that work depend on the individual cat and it’s often a guessing game, but you could start with rescue remedy but putting it in their drinking water.

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