Rusty Paintings

The Fish CrownIt’s been a while since I posted an artwork and certainly not one with a fish on my head before.

The base of this piece is all newspaper from last Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald. I bought the paper thinking that I would do something else entirely. As I flipped through it there were a number of articles on bushfires including photos. I picked these out and then started to select any photograph that had a warm ‘glow.’

After creating a background, the piece hung around for a few days before I decided to draw a woman with a fish on her head (based on a blend of two drawings from a Dover Pictorial Archive book of 1930s Spot Illustrations). Unfortunately I’m very rusty. The fish was fine. The woman’s head was not.

And so it was that I fell back to my collage materials to find a head that would fit under the fish… which as it turned out was mine!

I did make some attempt to blend the photo in to the background with paint but my ear and hair remain untouched.

I wouldn’t call it a great piece, but it’s finished just the same. I of course had cat assistance throughout. This time mainly from Saffron who seems to think the art table is her table (photographic evidence below to support this accusation). There’s so much junk on the art table it’s a wonder that she fits at all.
Art help from Saff


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  1. I loved your painting and your entry brightened my day…Thank you !

  2. Thank you for posting one of your paintings! I think it’s marvelous and wish you had more time to paint. And thanks for sharing your studio tortie too!

  3. If it fits, I sits. Signed –Bugs.

  4. Now this reminds me of another painting. If I remember which, I shall come back. From the title, I thought you were going to write about paintings on tin. I have several by a local artist called Reuben Powell. Today teh tin he uses is very couth. The paintings I have are on tin from unrolled oil cans collected from outside Chinese restaurants.

    • Thanks for the link Isobel. They are very cool. Andrew’s been drawing Voltaire’s bust all year – so far with charcoal, pencil, teabags, toast, push-pins etc. Now I have a feeling he’ll be stalking the back alleyways of newtown looking for large tins. 🙂

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