For what we are about to receive, I am truly embarrassed

Three words make me shudder. Prime Minister Abbott. Yet, it would seem those three words in about a week’s time will be put together permanently for 3 years. To the world, I apologise for what may be about to happen.

Tony Abbott, the man who once described climate change as ‘crap’, is set to be our next Prime Minister. Tony, opposes nearly everything. Euthanasia – against. Abortion – against. Emissions Trading Scheme – against. Gay Marriage – against. Australia as a republic – against.

My mother taught me how to vote. Her advice was simple. Decide who you dislike the most and vote for the other side. I most certainly dislike Tony Abbott the most. A conservative Catholic who has no ability to separate his personal views from public policy is not my choice.


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  1. This made me think of the quote by Katharine Whitehorn:
    “It is a pity, as my husband says, that more politicians are not bastards by birth instead of vocation.”

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