Addicted to Spelltower

Dame Nellie has a lot to answer for. Try this iPad app she says. That was over a month ago.

Spelltower has taught me something. It’s not that Qaid is a word to use a Q without a U. (Although wordpress is objecting to this word – not found in dictionary!)

What I have learnt is that Andrew is more competitive than I thought. In ‘pink mode’, he has a score of close to 10,000. As does Nellie. Me? Humph. 7,588.

It would appear that all the years of scrabble that was played in Andrew’s family has paid off. Our family weren’t really scrabblers… we did dabble in a bit of 500. Invariably my mother won by bidding misere.  She was the queen of misere.  (Mum, did you know that the word is derived from French meaning ‘poverty’? I know this because I had to look up how to spell it!). Alternatively, my father and I ‘allowed them to win’ by us going out backwards. (My dad had a habit of bidding, if but for one Ace in his hand).

Which brings me back to my modern day dilemma. Addicted to spelltower. Hmm… Andrew is excruciatingly competitive. It would be fun to beat his high score just to watch him while he had to counter it. Fortunately, I think Andrew can safely continue about his paintings because I have very little hope of toppling his score. So, today, I’m determined to throw off my spelltower addiction for something else. Cleaning is really what is required but I’m afraid in a contest between spelltower and cleaning, the app is going to win every time! (Besides, I’ve already vacuumed for the day). So, instead I may dabble in a bit of painting myself… we shall see.




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  1. I am off to check SpellTower…
    Cleaning is over rated.

  2. We have super competitive Spell Tower in our household as well, where I have the highest score and occasionally will lean over Mrs G game and go “hmmm, still not beat my score then”. So glad we are still in the honeymoon period!!!

    • We tried a new spell tower competition this evening – who got the most points in 5 minutes. I won, twice. Which goes to show that he who is slower gets the higher score long term. Perhaps I need to pace myself more.

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