Welcome home Pippy!

Pippy safely homely, sporting a new haircut

Pippy safely homely, sporting a new haircut

It is with great delight that I write to tell you Pippy is home from the vet hospital! After scaring us for the better part of a week, she finally started to get better and – together with her new haircut – arrived home.

I suspect she is getting extra pampering at the cat mothership. The thing that amazes me is that after many days of little food, she has returned home and she is still fat! Joking aside, we are all greatly relieved.

Meanwhile, at my place, the girls are getting used to a new routine. Each morning I am throwing the bed covers over my head and resolving to completely ignore Licorice. So far, it appears to be working. I have also removed all loose paper from the bedroom so Saffron can’t chew it.

Lastly, I seem to be winning the war on fleas. I put a new ‘sticky mat’ in My Flea Trap and while I’ve had it out quite a number of times it does not appear to be acquiring many more black dots.



My Flea Trap with few fleas

Well actually the point is that you don’t see! The combination of frequent vaccuming, flea treatment on the cats each month and the eco-flea trap appear to be doing the job. I’m sure that it does help that it’s winter. I’m determined not to use flea bomb sprays.

If you have a flea problem and have never tried “My Flea Trap” (not exactly an exciting name), then give it a go. My father didn’t believe me when I told him that it just uses alternating flashing lights and you leave it out overnight and in the morning the fleas have jumped in. That was until I got him one of these snifty things and they took it across to my grandmother’s place which only gets vaccumed when the home care lady comes. Dad returned with a flea trap that looked much more like a lamington than the one on the right. Except lamington’s taste better.


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  1. God news about Pippy. What a relief that must be.
    My ninja has learned new tricks at the Cattery and is asking to go out in the pre dawn all of a sudden.
    I have never heard of a flea trap. I put frontline on my cat, but this sounds worth investigating.

  2. Certainly was a relief, especially so since she was so low that i was thinking of grave digger duties. Where to place her? Under the crepe myrtle? Maybe in the front garden?

    The flea trap works a treat, catches many fleas, but perhaps not available in the UK.

  3. Isobel I still use frontline… well, I think it’s a different brand, but yes, that stuff you put on the back of their neck. The flea trap is an added weapon in the war on fleas. It’s based on technology patented by the university of Kansas I think. It’s not that easy to find in Australia – I had to order mine off the web from either Melbourne or Brisbane. I’m guessing that perhaps they don’t sell that readily as people are sceptical as to whether they will work.

    Dad, need I remind you that Holmes is under the crepe myrtle? What were you thinking?! I’m so pleased that she seems to have pulled through it and we will get to enjoy her affectionate ways for many years to come.

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