Laughing at disability

I laugh at Andrew frequently. Most of the time it’s for his wit. Take this one as an example. His father offered to make me a cup of tea. ‘No it’s fine, I can do it’, I say. Andrew’s dad comments ‘you’re both very independent.’ Andrew quickly responds: ‘No, I’m independent, she’s just stubborn.’

Laughing at his humour is politically correct, laughing at his disability is not. Yet sometimes, it’s hilarious. The worst part is when I get the giggles and can’t stop. He’s trying to concentrate to move his body of molasses where he wants it to go and I’m cackling. This isn’t a particularly welcome distraction and inevitably he either hits me in the head with a pillow and says ‘stop it’, or he starts laughing as well.

Tonight I was watching Spicks and Specks (repeats) and it featured Francesca Martinez, a comedian who describes herself as being ‘a bit wobbly’. I’d never seen her before, so I started looking around on youtube. I ended up watching these two hilarious skits, not from Francesca, but from former Spicks and Specks host and well known Australian comedian Adam Hills.

Both are priceless.

Adam Hills on his artificial foot:

Adam Hills: Best thing I saw at the paralympics:


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  1. Francesca Martinez sometimes appears on the News Quiz on radio 4 and is invariably very funny. I don’t know if you can hear her on BBC iplayer.
    I loved The Last Leg during the Paralympics. It is chaired by Adam Hills.

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