Inspiration it ain’t Bessie, this is inspirational…

Today I had the delight of attending ‘management training.’ Hmm… do you detect a note of sarcasm in my typeface? Well, you would be on the right track. Actually, it wasn’t that bad. Of all the training I have been to, it was probably one of the better training sessions on the challenge that is ‘managing people.’ Well, that was until the end.

Our lecturer decided to end with an “inspirational video.” The point was… ‘think management is hard, it ain’t nothing compared to this guy.’ He proceeded to show a video about a father’s promise to his son to participate with him in a triatholon. His son had a significant physical disability so he had to push his wheelchair as he ran, tug him in a ‘inflatable’ as he swam, pedal on a tandem and so on.

Please don’t get me wrong, the story is of course inspiring.

But as the conclusion of management training, its inclusion didn’t sit right with me.

Firstly – and entirely inappropriately – for some reason as the first piece of footage began to play of the father pushing the son’s wheelchair, Andrew’s voice entered my head. There’s a small hill on Andrew’s block which I sometimes push him up. Ever the practical joker, as I do this, Andrew sometimes exclaims – in a broad scottish accent – PUSH, BESSIE, PUSH! I was watching a serious video but I think I had a strange smile on my face thinking about Andrew’s antics.

However, more seriously, the video featured a very religious song about someone being their ‘redeemer’ and concluding with a Bible quote. I found it an odd choice. There are plenty of inspirational stories out there which have no religious affiliations whatsoever. Management training is often about recognising and being sensitive to difference. As I said, an odd choice.

So, I’ve included two of my favourite inspirational youtube videos below. The first, Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation many of you may know. It has had nearly 10 million views. The second is a video featuring Elizabeth Glasser and her vision of eliminating childhood aids.

Check them out. What’s your favourite inspirational video?

Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation

Elizabeth Glaser: The Time to Eliminate AIDS is now


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