Dame Nellie’s Socks

More photos you say! Well, take yesterday’s photo and add rain. The only other option I have for a photo is a picture of Andrew’s mother’s stripey socks. I’m not really sure what to call Andrew’s mother. She isn’t my mother-in-law. Hmmm… so she’s the unlawful mother. That’s a bit boring really. Thesaurus time… she could be the bootleg mother, the forbidden mother, the under-the-counter mother… all a bit of a mouthful really.

I think I’ll call her Nellie. It’s not her name but it’s what Andrew calls her.

Dame Nellie has stripey socks. Sounds like a children’s book. Could be a winner?

I am on holiday but it’s more of an indoor one due to wheelchair logistics. I’m also partly working as I’m desperately trying to finish my presentation for Los Angeles next week. NEXT week. That sounds scary!

I did a test run on Andrew’s dad last night. I had to explain some of the jargon in it, including the ‘Ling Sounds’ (6 sounds which fall across the speech spectrum and are used to check functional access to sound for children with hearing loss). I found out during the course of this demonstration that Dame Nellie’s husband is unable to hear sh or ss! He has suggested I test Dame Nellie too however she is engrossed in her iPad SpellTower game. Now it’s ok to do the check when the kids are distracted but engrossed is not ideal.

She had promised to give up her iPad addiction while Andrew and I were visiting. Instead she showed us SpellTower and now we are addicted too! Last night there were four people in the living room, each with a puzzle of some kind. Andrew stole my iPad, so I had the trusty paper and pen puzzles. I might add at this point that not only did he take my iPad but he beat my high score. Dog house for Andrew.


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