Welcome to Sunny Queensland


Warmth appears to be relative. I’ve travelled over 1000km north of Sydney to Brisbane and the temperature has risen by a couple of degrees yet the natives here (Andrew’s parents) are cold! They prepared the spare bedroom for us, complete with electric blanket and two quilts within one quilt cover. As much as I appreciated the gesture, trying to sleep under that quilt was similar to have a contoured concrete bunker on top of me. I opted for just a sheet. Andrew tried the concrete bunker. A couple of hours later, he woke me up – I can’t move! The quilt was abandoned.

The fur children are enjoying different levels of luxury. Licorice and Saffron have the luxury of having a friend come to my place and feed them, so they really seem very happy. As am I as my friend even sent me a photo this morning! As for the boys, they have gone to ‘the mothership’. Gesso has shown my parents his love of sleeping on appliances by locating an old computer monitor in the back room and adopting it as his home. Unlike my friend – the mothership – doesn’t take and send photos despite the fact she has an iphone! It’s a very well contoured and sleek paperweight for her handbag.

The flight up was packed. Andrew tells me that they never book the seat next to him as once transferred into the plane chair he can’t move until we reach our destination. I did point out that we may have to shuffle across seats and let the guest have the aisle – should a guest arrive. But Andrew looked at me innocently and says ‘but they are entitled to the window seat.’ Hmmm, he has clearly missed my point. Yes, that’s true but I doubt they will be thrilled that there is an impediment to his/her escape should the plane crash!

Sure enough, a passenger arrived. She climbed over Andrew. He later confided in me that he had thought to say ‘ I think we should know each other a little better before we do this.’ I was thankful he didn’t!

She was good humoured about it all. At the other end, we tried to let her out first. Andrew ‘moved’ his legs. She was still seated. ‘That’s about as good as it gets!’, I exclaimed and started laughing.

On a serious note, I have to say that the Virgin crew are so helpful and respectful. Climbing onto those seriously low ‘plane’ wheelchairs is never easy, or particularly graceful, but the crew do their best to assist. So very much appreciated!


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  1. Meanwhile, back in the Mother Ship, also known at cat heaven, there are some problems. Not with the red ninja, the fastest beast on four legs who is happy and has checked out every inch of cat heaven.
    More so with the artic squirrel, known around here as Greta Garbo (I know he is a he). Has he eaten anything? Impossible say since the red ninja gobbles up everything in sight. Today, there is hope, some normal cat behaviour, maybe Gesso is getting used to the strange humans in charge of the Mother Ship.

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