Is that a cat in your luggage?

‘You have to turn your phone off, so you don’t get international roaming fees.’ says Andrew.

‘Well, what am I to use for an alarm clock then? Without my phone and Licorice, I’d be lost!’

Hmm… Licorice in the luggage.The first challenge there would be whether she would fit. Licorice has a wider than average girth. That said, she is a cat. If any creature can fit itself into a space that is too small for it’s body, a cat can! Challenge one dismissed.

The second challenge would be convincing her it was a good idea.

Second challenge dispelled. The girls have ‘packed’ themselves.

Suitcase? What suitcase.

Suitcase? What suitcase.

Third challenge? Customs.

‘Miss, you appear to have some organic matter in your luggage?’

Hmm… cat alarm clock plan fail. Ah, but it would have made a good story for Border Security!


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  1. This looks to me like they are saying…”No mummy don’t leave us!!”

  2. for Border Security, probably the happiest contraband they would have ever discovered!

  3. Even border security would know that cats are the best alarm clocks!

  4. Where are you off to then?
    Your post reminds me of a wonderful children’s book called Old Tom’s Holiday.

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