By the royal power invested in us from the planet of Feline, we hereby declare that this armchair is now the property of the species tortoise shell and no human can enter. Bribery in the form of chest and head salutes will be considered momentarily and although we like this ‘patting’ currency, we will still reject all human efforts to take position of said armchair.

In short, it’s ours.

This armchair is ours!


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  1. I love it! And I miss my tortie girls.

    This is Licorice and Saffron?

  2. Yes, it is. Saffron is on the left and Licorice on the right. Sometimes people think Licorice will be all black and Saff a ginger cat. I chose the names on personality and colour! Licorice was so fat when I adopted her – and still is – that she reminded me of a big ball of treacle!

  3. A. This is frighteningly accurate.
    B. How on earth did you get the weight off your tortie!

  4. At least they are sharing. It could have the queendom of two chairs. 🙂

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