42 word challenge: a twist

Screen shot 2012-01-24 at 12.06.56 PMEzekial it seems is dead. I was hoping 42 readers would submit 3 words a piece for me to use in a blog post challenge. If I didn’t get 42 people, I gave myself permission to duck out of this, as using 126 reader selected words in one post and have it make sense was going to be a challenge!

As I am well short of the 42 people I was after, then I offer this instead as an alternative. Here are the 42 words from the original Ezekial the budgie story – once again, all from readers.

I’ve put those words, together with the few I did get recently as ‘supplementaries’ below and I challenge you, to write a story which includes these 42 words. How to participate:

  1. Use 42 of the words below – you may use as many of the supplementaries as you see fit!
  2. Bold each word in the story
  3. Post a link to your story below!

My story became about a transger budgerigar who eloped with a moose. What will yours be?

 The 42 words:

  1. Cranky
  2. Meatballs
  3. Grandmother
  4. Oozy
  5. Rain
  6. Frustrated
  7. Mother-in-law from hell
  8. Affinity
  9. Skulk
  10. Glisten
  11. Ubiquitous
  12. Combobulate
  13. Chuffed
  14. Blimey
  15. Macaroni
  16. Salty
  17. Rank
  18. Meatless
  19. Rudely
  20. Fishing-rod
  21. Moose
  22. Lasagne
  23. Budgie
  24. Giggles
  25. Searching
  26. Doorstep
  27. Ginger
  28. Fluffy
  29. Compact
  30. Slathered
  31. Blinkered
  32. Orange
  33. Anthropomorphosis
  34. Tennessee
  35. Pirouette
  36. Rootbeer
  37. Harbour
  38. Suicide
  39. Booth
  40. Kitsch
  41. Lascivious
  42. Babaghanoush


transgender, infantile, squiggly, defenestration, acrylic, brain, orange, slender, true, fancy, revelation, creeping, forming.


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  1. I think you brew in the towel rather quickly! Could it be you were looking for a way out of your challenge? How about writing a new story with just the words submitted this time?

  2. I don’t deny that part of me was looking for a way out but as I did only have 3 people comment and I needed more like 40, I thought it wasn’t really something that interested people. Perhaps I will try writing a story. I’ll be on a plane for the better part of a day in July for work so maybe that’s a good plane exercise!

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