Fibonacci’s 55th piece

Fibonacci Flower Part 2It was almost a disaster. I lost the 55th piece of my fibonacci flower. Some people may have just decided that it had to stay with 54 pieces but I could not. I hunted through sewing bags; down the back of my sewing cupboard, under the sewing machine, on the floor, in the scraps. I was looking for a piece of fabric about 3/4″ wide. Once I stopped looking, I found it.

At the moment, the flower looks a little silly as it is without stem. That piece of gold and orange batik will be reduced once the stem goes on. I tried two methods of ‘needle-turn’ applique for the main pieces. The first I stitched the line on the sewing machine and then clipped and turned under with the iron. The second – the gold one – I used a palette knife and glue stick. This is because I’m not very safe with an iron – or at least my fingers aren’t!

And on a completely unrelated subject, here are the girls, grooming themselves simultaneously. I often think to myself when Cat Protection Society said they were inseparable, they were absolutely right. In this short video they even turn to each other’s name! (Saffron is on left, Licorice on right).


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  1. glad you found Fibonacci’s 55th, but more importantly, I am relieved to see *your* cats sitting on your cutting mat surrounded by art supplies!

    • What do you mean MY cutting mat. Everything in this house is theirs – tonight, even my guest belonged to them!

      • how silly of me… did your guest end up conversing with the felines instead of you?!

        I’ve been working on a collage with a shallow dish of medium next to me and our big BuddyOop has taken to jumping on the table right smack where cat feet shouldn’t be. (Which makes me think of your Gesso!)

        So, I quickly get up, ask him to get down, and think to distract him with the Shoelace of Eternal Delight (I stole the phrase from the blogger nadbugs).

        Who’s trainin’ whom?! arrrgggghhhh they did it again to me!

      • At least medium is generally clear! and as for the shoelace of eternal delight – what a fantastic phrase! Must go check out nadbugs.

      • true, but since I hate peeling it off my fingers, I KNOW I’d hate trying to get it off their digits so they wouldn’t eat it. sigh….

        here’s the web address for nadbugs: The Shoelace belonged to a kitty she adopted and played with endlessly to welcome him. Sadly enough, he died rather terribly last August…. Still, Anita, the human, is interesting, erudite, funny, and a lovely person.

  2. That’s cute-when we got our Labrador about ten years ago, he got to the age of two before he knew his own name! He knew his name was either Bruno (which it was), or Luke (our other dog)!
    How much pleasure we get from our animals-we are lucky to share our world with them:)

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