In celebration of 126 followers: Ezekial the budgie

Some time ago I wrote a blog post to celebrate reaching 42 followers. The idea was simple, I was going to write a post using 42 words submitted by my readers, with up to 3 words each. Some of my readers were kind and chose simple words. Others – who shall remain nameless – pulled out all stops and picked really challenging words.

The rules were that if I got more than 42 words submitted, I’d use the extras as supplementaries, like lotto balls!

This week, I reached 3 times the 42 followers. So, in celebration, I will attempt this again – except this time with 126 words. You have until Friday 14th June 2013 to submit up to 3 words in a comment to this post. If I don’t get 126 words by Friday, I have permission to duck out of this.

If I do, then Ezekial the budgie shall return for another adventure.

For those who aren’t in my original 42 readers and may not have read the result from the first time, here’s the link. It remains one of my most read blog posts of all time.

42 follower submitted words in one post: meet Ezekial the budgie.

Don’t forget to add 3 words in a comment on this post, so Ezekial can return!


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  1. Wondering if I am one of those you shall remain nameless. Off to read the post and jog my memory.

  2. My three words:
    1. the first word of the title of the book I am reading – true
    2. the last word on the back cover – fancy
    3. the first noun in the first sentence of the next chapter – revelation

  3. Isobel, trust you to be first to submit words and in such a creative fashion! Now I just need another 41 people to do the same. I think part of me is hoping that I’ll fall short as it’s starting to dawn on me how much harder 126 words may be than 42!

  4. Here’s what’s on my mind:

    Oh pleeeeeeease extend the deadline so that your legions of followers have a chance to chime in!

  5. Opened Native Orchids of Australia by David L Jones. And the first three words after some stuff that is of no interest to your readers are:

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