I want my Internet back

I have no Internet. I feel as if someone has deprived me of food! Typing a blog post on a iPhone is way too slow. Not quite as slow as the telephone company is about fixing my access. What makes typing this post even more painful is that Licorice is wailing. She’s been put in the bathroom for the night with sister Saffron, who has cystitis again. Saff is the sick one. Does she complain? No. But licorice thinks howling like a banshee is going to get her out of there.

If anyone has any tips re managing cat cystitis please let me know. I’ve tried feliway, rescue remedy, zylkene, switch to wet food and trying to maintain a routine. Of these the feliway and wet food seem to have some impact but she is still having recurrences when I have to give her anti-inflammatories.

Anyway, my one fingered typing is getting worse and worse. Attached – I hope – is a picture of a mad hatters hat made from fabric pieces.

I had someone ask me today whether this was a example of crazy patchwork. My dressmaking teacher replied: ‘no, it’s patchwork by a crazy woman.’


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  1. I think Jo Bryant has had to deal with this one. I have left a message for her. Also, you could try looking at Rayya’s site rayyathevet.com http://rayyathevet.com/2011/10/17/is-your-male-cat-struggling-to-pee/ she is very good about respondong to questions. And yes, I know your cats are female! It is quite an in-depth post.

  2. Oops, forgot to give you Jo’s blog address. http://jobryantnz.wordpress.com/

  3. Hi,

    Isobel mentioned you were having trouble with cystitis. My Charlie had a terrible case a while back. It was after this that I threw out the dried food completely. I am trying to switch him to a raw food diet which I think helps but it is taking time, however I only feed him wet food now. One thing I tried that I believe helped at the time was apple cider vinegar. He got it at night and was in terrible discomfort. I read online that it can help, so I mixed it with water…you have to be careful with cats and apple cider vinegar. If they inhale it it can cause them to have trouble breathing. Charlie wouldn’t drink it so every couple of hours I filled a syringe with the mixture and gave it to him. It got rid of it. I think the suggested dose is 1/2 to a teaspoon of ACV daily. You can try mixing it in the wet food meals and some in the water but please make sure it is mixed in well or the cat will end up inhaling it and having terrible coughing fits. Some suggest using it with distilled water as there is less chance of minerals in the water…and if your cats doesn’t drink a lot try a water fountain…for some reason it encourages them to drink.

    Cranberry juice is another possible aid.

    Do you have a holistic vet in the area? Try talking with them as they will give you some ideas of natural remedies that you can use to keep it at bay and suggest the right doses.

    this is a helpful website I use…the comments often help as well


    here is the page on cystitis:


    Good luck…

    • Hi Jo,

      Thanks for the detailed comment. Unfortunately I can’t get rid of the dry food entirely as to complicate matters, Saffron likes to throw up her wet food! I have got to the point where I can give her wet at night – usually in two separate lots with a break in the middle to prevent the vomiting.

      I had heard of cranberry but not apple cider vinegar. Thanks for the information. I’ll do a bit more reading.

      • Here are another couple of good sites about cats



        When you talk about throwing up wet food…is that also raw food ?? Feeding a raw food diet might not only assist in keeping the cystitis at bay but help with that problem as well. Both these sites have a lot of terrific info regarding nutrition/diet in helping to remedy ailments in cats as well as great info on diet and nutrition itself. I hope things work out…there is nothing worse than a sick animal.

  4. MasterB has dry food, Hills, but I have recently switched him to Applaws which is one of the few pet foods approved by PETA, for his wet food. It is a lot more expensive, but does not smell and looks recognisably like what it says it is on the tin. They will send samples, so I may ask them to send a sample of the dry food too.

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