Cat sitting

A friend has gone away for a couple of days and asked me to feed her cats. How could I say no? Little did the cats realise, this meant having their picture taken.
Tummy rub stopped?

The gang consists of two Burmese brothers and a little tabby called Pegs.
Pegs II
All three are under 2 years of age and have boundless energy. At one stage I’d taken off my shoes and socks but as one of the boys started getting dangerously close to my toes – and he had already demonstrated his skills in pouncing on prey (i.e. soft toy) – I decided to re-attach my boots and shift my feet out of the way.

I tried to capture his energy on film. Unfortunately being alone I could only hold my iPhone in one hand and the end of the toy in the other and hope he got into shot. I got a little more than I bargained for:


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  1. The toy support system certainly got told! That is one bouncy cat!

  2. Love the photos. I can’t see the video, but maybe because I am using the iPad. Hope your toes are ok.

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