Impromptu art

IMG_3169 It’s been a while between impromptu art pieces and I’m clearly out of practice. Not only did I succeed in getting paint all over my hands but I also lent my arm on the heat gun and spent the next period with it under a tap, all the time hoping that Saffron was not about to take a walk across the painting table.

I started with bronze, cream and phthalo blue. I then decided I’d like to collage on the woman holding a beheaded man on a platter. Before anyone suggests it, no, Andrew has not done anything – this is not biographical! The only explanation I can give is that the colour of her skirt fit with my painting to date.

(By the way, if anyone can tell me who painted the original, I’d like to know… it’s in my miscellaneous collage pile and I have no idea where it came from).

I then wanted a tiger. That’s why I have a bird.

It really didn’t go very smoothly at all.

The best part of the whole art experience was opening up the watercolour pad to find the following piece I’d quite forgotten about.

I went to get a piece of watercolor paper from my stash and I re-discovered an old art piece. He looks better than I remember.

Acrylic, conte crayon and caran d’ache wax oil pastel on arches water colour paper.


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  1. I should like to have the opportunity to drop into conversation: “I’d like to collage on the woman holding a beheaded man on a platter.” hee hee

  2. I’m glad there is someone else in the world who thinks that combination is a little amusing!

  3. Is it John the Baptist after his run in with Salome?

  4. A ‘run in’? If you get beheaded for a run-in I’d hate to see what would happen if you got into a full blown fight!

    It is clear that your theology and art education is far better than mine. Following your comment – and a bit of google – it would indeed seem it is a portrait of Salome with John the Baptist’s head on a plate. The painting is by Carlo Dolci, around 1665. I think this fairly places it out of copyright and suitable for appropriation into an artwork in 2013.

    I worked on the piece a little more today by extending her skirt somewhat. The general look is largely unchanged.

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