Kitty Litter and tambourines

Walking into the supermarket a community noticeboard is on the left. The signs? Lost dog – reward offered. For sale – BBQ. Or at least these are the normal fare on the noticeboard.

Not tonight.

Tambourine lessons.

I have obviously been leading an exceptionally sheltered life. I’ve never stopped to think whether one required any music tutelage to play the tambourine. It’s one of those instruments they happily give to 5 year olds – although any parent is probably quite happy when the teacher takes it away!

I was on a mission for kitty litter. For reasons unknown to me, kitty litter always runs low mid-week after a long day. It’s the kind of household supply that has a way of sneaking up on you… there seems plenty, then hey presto, time to buy kitty litter again. It’s one of the few times I wish my girls were indoor / outdoor instead of indoor only.

Sometimes Andrew talks about his dream home. Stop. Re-phrase. Often Andrew talks about his dream home. One day, he said to me, you never really say what your dream home is? My response – one with a cat run. If I won lotto tomorrow and could afford a house, I don’t want the swimming pool, the home cinema, the sauna or home gymnasium. Nope. I want an indoor / outdoor cat run for my girls. And no tambourines.

Meanwhile over at chateau de Andrew, there’s veggie planting happening. With cat help. Of course.


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  1. Surely that should be château André?
    MasterB has lost two collars in twenty four hours!

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