Gesso the deaf white cat does Jumpin’ Jack Flash

I awoke this morning to text message from Andrew – ‘I’ve made a video of Gesso!’

The link is below. Unfortunately the words at the front are too quick to read, so here they are:

“One year ago… on a day just like today… I went shopping with my girlfriend… Neither of us were to know that our lives would never be the same… we came home with a deaf white kitten… and although it was cute… we didn’t know that it was absolutely mental… but we love it dearly… especially that crazy fluffy tail… we have nicknamed it… the arctic  squirrel. Here is some footage. I hope you like it.”

There is a guest appearance by Pickle, the ginger ninja.

If the link doesn’t appear below, you can go directly to Andrew’s youtube page.

Postscript: The stickler in me wants to clarify we did go shopping for a cat – it wasn’t some spur of the moment adoption. I take my cat responsibilities very seriously!


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  1. The bath scene is too cute, but I love it when he runs in circles with his back arched for no apparent reason! I had a long-haired deaf white cat as well, and they are fearless.

  2. Great work Andrew, its hilarious especially the phone laser thing bit!

  3. Great! Pickle is very affectionate towards Gesso isn’t he? I admire in particular your steady hand for the filming. Mine is always very wobbly.

  4. such a cutie and so full of character

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