Da bird is da success!

Tilba the Devon RexPurchase cat toy with excitement, take cat toy home, and watch cat look at it with disdain. Not with “Da Bird”. I read many reviews saying Da Bird was the ultimate cat teaser toy. It looks like many others – a rod, string and attachment on the end. The one difference I knew pre-purchase was that you can replacement ‘feathers’ without needing to buy a whole new rod.

Well, Da Bird arrived at mum’s house (the place for all parcels when one lives in a unit). I gave it a test drive on my brother’s cats who have been staying there for the last month, while he travels the states. Willow, the 8 year old burmese (pictured) gave it the thumbs up, as did ‘brother’ Tilba the Devon Rex.

Willow the brown burmeseEven at about 8 years of age, Willow took to this toy with the vigour of a kitten. Once he’d caught the ‘prey’, he got a little cranky when Tilba came a little close.

Successfully road tested, I packed it up and headed over to Andrew’s. While this was a present for Saffron and Licorice, I couldn’t wait to see what the ginger ninja would do with it.

Pickle did not disappoint.

He leapt, twisted and grabbed for it. When I did pack it away, he was quite annoyed at me.

Finally I brought it home to Licorice and Saffron. At ages 10 and 7 respectively, I wasn’t sure what to expect. (Although Willow is a similar age and he’d gone nuts over it). Saffron had more activity than I think I’ve seen since I got her. She was doing somersaults trying to catch this thing! Licorice tried. She didn’t quite leap. Ok, she didn’t leave the ground. But she did energetically bat at it when it was close enough… which for a 10 year old, 8 kilo cat isn’t bad!

I didn’t have the camera handy but here’s a link to another blog with some great pics of a black and white kitty in action with Da Bird.



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  1. I shall have to investigate. It sounds even better than a length of string…

  2. I’ll give the da bird 97 out of 100. You have to leave a few points just in case something better comes along.
    Just amazing!
    Only a few more days hosting the odd couple. They have been great house guests!

    • Well I can tell you that it’s deserving of that 97 dad. I accidentally left the ‘replacement’ bird in my sewing bag. Andrew and I went for a walk around the block and we came back to find Pickle crouching on the floor. We were worried for a second there was something wrong with him as he had a strange look. Then I realised he was ‘killing’ the toy. I took it away and put it back in the sewing bag. So Pickle proceeded to stalk the sewing bag. I finally stuck it in a cupboard. Pickle still stalked the sewing bag looking for it.

      Perhaps it should come with a warning – cat may become slightly obsessed. If Licorice did that it would be fantastic for weight loss!

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