Today it was time to say goodbye to Chilli who has been in our family for almost 13 years.

She’s had a number of health problems over the past few months and this morning at about 7am she took a turn for the worse and we knew it was time.

Typical chilli – whenever she had a bad turn it was rarely during business hours. Mum and I sat with her waiting until it was near 10 when the vet opened.

With so much trouble breathing, the kindest thing to do was to put her to sleep. She drifted away very peacefully.

We took her home and put her near the rose mum and dad just planted for their 40th wedding anniversary.

Chilli loved to have conversations with mum, dad and I. She was a great talker, good at rolling and having a little tummy rub and watching the world cautiously from a distance. She will be missed.


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  1. sad times. I lost both my wonderful cats in the last year due to old age. Hang on to all the happy memories.

  2. Hard. I know you did the right thing. But it is still hard. Had your parents had her from a kitten?

    • Yes, I adopted her as a kitten when I was still living at home. When I moved out, she lived with me for a little over a year. Then she started to vomit a lot (she was always a nervous cat and did this quite a bit). I found that when she was fed smaller meals more times a day, she didn’t do it as much. So she went back to live with mum and dad as they are retired and could feed her small but often.

  3. So sorry to hear about your loss. Even though you can prepare yourself for loss in some ways with a cat who has some health issues, the final decision, and the empty spot she filled, hurt just as much. She was quite beautiful.

  4. I’m so sorry. It is never easy no matter how long you have with them.

  5. Heartbreaking for you, but you know that you gave her a long and happy life xxx

  6. I’m so very sorry to hear that. It is never easy saying goodbye to someone you love. As long as Chilli had a happy life that is all that matters.
    I had a cat, Spotty, who I had for over 10 years and I had to put him down because he got skin cancer on his nose. It was not easy. I still miss him very much, it has been over 5 years since he’s been gone.

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