The treat stealer fails

Licorice seemed to be quite skilled at stealing the treats Saffron had so diligently retrieved from the treat ball. It is clear to me that Licorice has also been stealing some of Saffron’s dinner. However, I think Saffron has finally figured out how to outsmart Licorice! I took this video tonight and Saffron is certainly now getting the lions share. I love the way licorice (right) looks at me at one point with her sad face!

If the above video doesn’t load, go directly to the flickr page.

I want to stress that it’s 1/4 of their food allowance in the ‘treat ball’. They are overweight and don’t need treats. I’m putting it in the ball because Saffron has finally figured out how to get most of the treats for herself and stop Licorice stealing hem. This is a good thing because I’m positive that Licorice takes some of Saff’s breakfast each day! I also put it in the ball because it’s a bit of environmental enrichment and keeps them moving… however slow that may be!

Other videos from my furry family:




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  1. Watching this, I at first felt sorry for Saffron, then realised that the treat ball is keeping both girls entertained and busy, so it seems like a good result all round.

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