Rhino on a tightrope

Rhino on a tightrope (unfinished)
Forgive the dodgy photography, for some reason I have trouble keeping my iphone steady at times. It’s been a LONG day, so maybe I’m just very tired.

Here’s the piece I started working on these last few days. I was having great fun with it too until I added the dodo bird. Unfortunately at that point I started to think too hard – what colour is a dodo bird?  Given it’s Tenniel’s drawing of the bird and it is in wonderland, perhaps it could be purple? In wonderland do things really have to be their true ‘local colour?’

I know what you’re thinking – how can a girl who put a rhino on a tightrope be worried whether she is painting a bird the appropriate colour? Well, perhaps my left brain kicked in at that point.

So, I’m having a vote…


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  1. I looked at this last week, didn’t know what would work best, came back today and still don’t know. I wonder if it should be grey, so you have a trinity of dark grey figures.

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