A sweet detour

The last few weeks have been a jumble of long work hours, fundraising planning, smashed garages and mish-mash of other things I can’t remember. Hectic!

So today, I got a sweet detour from the running around, and wandering through a few art galleries. My entry fee was pushing Andrew around some very uneven footpaths. Most of the galleries were at 2 Dank Street Waterloo including the Brenda May Gallery. Here I encountered the work of  James Guppy in their stockroom. A few of his piece remind me of the whimsy of James Christensen, especially this piece called: A Tussle of Pastries!

James Guppy: A Tussle of Pastries.
Acrylic on Canvas 46 X 31cm

The other piece which caught my eye included an owl so I thought of you mum!

Here it is:

James Guppy: Blodeuwedd
Acrylic on Linen, 180.5 X 90cm


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  1. What great fun! Thani you for sharing these with us!

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