The best toy for a deaf cat

It seems hard to predict which toys Gesso will enjoy. His deafness seems to mean that some items are of no interest to him. I’m not sure whether it’s because once they move out of sight a rod and stick toy loses it’s interest as he can’t hear it. Strangely, the red dots from the laser can also disappear but Gesso keeps looking for them.

Andrew shot this piece of footage of his antics.

If the embedded link above is not working please go to the youtube link.

PS: If anyone in Sydney is looking for one of these laser toys – it changes shape at random – I got it from Cat Protection Society in Enmore.


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  1. NotCat comes straight to the source of the light, ignoring the red light…

  2. none of my cats has any interest in the red dot. Booooring.

  3. He’s having fabulous fun with that!

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