The Big Wind

The big wind III

The big wind II

The big wind I


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  1. Oh, no, that isn’t your house is it?

  2. Oh how dreadful for them, but thank goodness no one was hurt.

  3. That looks like it was very scary!

  4. My favourite is picture number 1 where the resident Currawong is taking stock of the disaster. Do not know why he/she is living here because they are usually found in a small flock going hither and yon to various locations and then driving the locals crazy with incessant calling.
    As for the puddycats they were all inside. They only go outside when it is nice and sunny.

  5. My word, when was this? It must have been terrifying. What’s the situation now?

    • The tree branch is gone. The rest looks the same. It has asbestos in the garage materials so it’s going to take longer to remove with all the precautions around the material. They think about 4 days. Mum thinks one of her cats will protest very loudly about 4 days on indoor confinement! Unlike the girls and the boys, mums cats are indoor/outdoor.

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