Giant mice

Finally some painting / collage has occurred in this household!
Oh no, the mice are taking over
I’m open to any interesting interpretations of why this man is aghast at a giant mouse. I may have put the image together but I have no idea what it means!


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  1. He’s an estate agent and he doesn’t want the prospective buyer to realise the house is full of outsized vermin?

  2. He said “dice” and the lady is aghast that he is even aware of such things and is trying to convince her he said “mice”.

  3. Because it just ran out from under the lady’s skirt and he’s worried what else might be lurking there?

  4. Thank you for the comments and for giving me a huge belly laugh to start the day. I wasn’t even aware of the mice/dice rhyme happening. Those dice went on long before the mouse made an appearance. Gilly you’ve filled my head with all sorts of ideas as to what could be under that skirt. It sure is big enough! And as for the estate agent and the oversized vermin? Love it!

  5. I LOVE the mouse in this. And I have no idea why the man is so shocked. Could it be the size of the little mousie?

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