The things I do

href=””>I’ve said before if you’re going to date someone in a wheelchair then you best like heights, DIY, moving stuff etc. Today I was co-opted into helping complete a TAFE project.

The task: create a photo triptych of an icon. The photographs should portray what the icon means to you. Andrew’s choice? The wheelchair symbol. The first two photographs, he took himself. (One of which is pictured on the right). The third required a little assistance to stage the photograph. Enter flip, stage left.

Today’s task was to move the coffin (a stage prop) from the bedroom into the living room and lay it flat on the floor. The thing is unwieldy and heavy so this was not the easiest task. I finally get it into the living room and with Andrew’s help lay it down on the ground. At this point he decides to assist me in positioning the coffin ready to be photographed.


My third and fourth toes are throbbing. They have been run over!

Not content with squishing my toes, Andrew with his camera and tripod at the ready instructs me to climb in the coffin.

What? I thought you were just going to take a photo of it.

‘No’ he replies. A coffin needs a body, so go get a sheet and wrap yourself up and jump in.

Sure. What else does one normally do?

Before I can get in the coffin, Gesso and Pickle decide it’s a great big box worth exploring. Gesso even decides to ‘eat’ one of the coffin keys and escapes with it. Oh well, at least Andrew can’t lock me in if the cat has stolen the key!

Finally I climb in. Now I tell you that trying to wrap yourself in a sheet and climb into a coffin is not the easiest thing to do.

I hear the click of the camera and climb back out.

It’s time to put the coffin back. Thankfully I seem to have improved my technique and it wasn’t so difficult to ‘walk’ it back into the bedroom.

In the meantime Andrew has downloaded the photos. After all that, he has pronounced the coffin shots a dud.



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  1. So, is his body under the patio now?

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