Hello blog

Hello Blog! Long time no see.

Blog: It’s long time no write actually, but ok.

Fine then Blog be a pedant.

Blog: Password please.

Of yes, of course. [@@@@@@@@@]

Blog: Incorrect

Darn. Must be with a capital letter [@@@@@@@@@0]

Blog: Incorrect again. :-p

Well would you mind telling me which part is incorrect?

Blog: Yes. I would mind.


Blog: Ok, I’ll ask you a secret question instead.

I don’t have a secret question set!

Blog: I know. So I can make it up.

U-huh. Alright. Hit me with it.

Blog: How many cats do you have?

Are you kidding? That’s the most pathetic secret question. Everyone knows the answer.

Blog: If you’d bothered to give me a secret question, I’d ask you a secret one. Since you didn’t, I’m calling the shots. Now shut up and answer me. How many cats?

2, 4, 5?

Blog: 245 is incorrect.

No, 2, 4 OR 5

Blog: This is question. It has one answer. Not three. Choose one.

But blog you know full well that your question has 3 answers. Would you care to rephrase to how many cats live with me? Then I can categorically answer 2.

Blog: Nope. Not rephrasing. I’m trying to annoy you as punishment for leaving me alone.

Ok, ok I get it blog. I know i’ve been a little lax.

Blog: A little?

Ok, a lot. It’s for a good reason I promise. I’ve been building a database which will make service better for deaf kids learning to speak

Blog: Well are you finished?

Um. Nearly.

Blog: From what I hear, there’s more finishes than Dame Nellie.

Yes, well, not my fault. I’ve given my all. Besides, that’s why I said ‘nearly’. I’m not saying I’m done until every document is signed and I can know they won’t come back. So, do you want to talk about you instead blog?

Blog: Me? Oh I haven’t been doing much. I’ve been sitting here waiting for you to return. It’s a boring life really. People visit me and because you aren’t here, I can’t reply. 

Oh. Sorry to hear that blog. (Gulp. I’m really losing it. I’m starting to apologise to my computer). Would you like a jelly baby?

PS: I’ll be back. Shortly. I hope.

Working again? Not impressed


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  1. Sometimes life takes over from blogging.

    I have the same problem with passwords 😀

    • Yes 5. If I consider all cats I’ve adopted, it’s 5.

      Chilly was the first (2000). When I moved out of home she came with me for a very while but Chill didn’t take well to unit living so went back to mum’s place.

      Then I got Licorice and Saffron in May 2009.

      And Andrew and I adopted Pickle and then Gesso – so 5; but only 2 live with me!

  2. Ah, found the answer. 🙂

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