Dodging divorce

Mr Ambition with a soon to be ‘Peru’ t-shirt

Do you remember my boss? The one who was going to trek Peru? That’s him on the left.

Mr eyes bigger than belly.

Well, since I last wrote about his impending South American adventure, he has raised over $25,000 to help deaf kids learn to speak. An admirable effort, however I think I deserve some credit on this fundraising effort: for he stole my line. I wrote in my first post that he needed to help people dodge llama spit. Next thing I know, his email signature has a picture across the bottom of Peruvian mountains, a llama and in big letters ‘help me dodge llama spit!’ Certainly not the usual tagline you expect from the CEO of an Organisation.

Last weekend, mister eyes bigger than belly, ventured out on a fitness walk – part of his preparation for the early June trek. Come dark, mister bite off more than you can chew, was not home.

A squirrel and his nut

Come dark, mister ‘ready, fire, aim’ had a mobile phone with a flat battery.

Come dark, mister ‘do first, think second’ was somewhere in one of Sydney’s national parks. Without a torch. Without a map.

Fortunately, there’s a bloody big bridge nearby and he followed the path to the bridge and emerged from the bush, several hours later than he anticipated.

Instead of dodging llama spit, he is now perhaps dodging divorce.

The best thing about all of this (beside him getting out of the bush embarrassed but unharmed) is I now have an insight into his personality that I can use against him; that I can possibly employ to ward off any more work. The next time he bounds out a new idea, I can remind him where ‘do first, think second’ sometimes leads!


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  1. oooh wicked 🙂

  2. 🙂 good one. I’ve nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award, the Sunshine Award and the Genuine Blogger Award. Join in if you like but there is no obligation to participate…a gift not an obligation. I so enjoy your blog and wish to thank you for sharing and dropping by my blog too. For more info go to:

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