Parallel Play

Two interpretations: one picture

A friend of mine gardens with her husband in an exercise she describes as parallel play. They are both in the garden; side by side; yet each is doing their own thing. It wasn’t until recently that I heard that term used in respect to child development. I now understand that children develop play through various stages and playing together but separate is just one of those.

I agree with my friend that parallel play could be the secret to a happy marriage. Not that I’m married… but you get the idea. Tonight Andrew decided he wanted to draw. We were both looking at the same picture. At the same time, he switched a random itunes playlist on. My picture took a quick turn. In fact the word Berlin is in my picture, which, in case you hadn’t guessed, is the weird coloured looking thing on the left. Why Berlin? It was a word in the song that leapt out. Why those marks? It felt like the rhythm of the music combined with something of her face. I like this impromptu style exercise.

Andrew on the other hand has demonstrated his enviable ability to draw hair. Anyone who knows my art work will know that I generally don’t do hair. Or two eyes. Or lips. Or chins. In fact I generally do one eye and part of a nose. In the case of the hair, it’s because I know I can’t draw hair. My hair always looks crap. Hence ‘enviable’ ability. Next time we draw from the same source I’m picking a bald dude!


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  1. Finally catching up again. Thanks for your patience! 🙂

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