Enough with the painting Gesso

White Gesso wearing his new patch of black Gesso

Yup. Regular readers will know what this ones about. The little furry bugger did it again.

This time, he’s opted for black paint not red. Actually he’s chosen more wisely. This time it is acrylic not oil paint. Why the cat has such an obsession with paint, I do not know. All our cats have done it at one point or another but not to the extent of this little guy.

Perhaps when we named him Gesso, after the white chalk-like paint used as a ground in art, we cursed him to forever have a fascination with paint.

So once again tonight, white Gesso met black Gesso and ended up as grey Gesso (after I washed him that is). He’s remarkably tolerant when being washed. I know many a cat who would tear me to shreds. He protests and tonight he bit me once but I escaped with no scratches.¬†Evidently he bore no grudge against me, for about 30 minutes later he came and sat in my lap.

Perhaps we should rename this guy so he stops thinking Gesso is a good thing! Hmm… what would you call him?


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  1. Bit worried about Andrew’s life plans for Gesso given the above comment.

    Maybe he’s trying to express himself, to explain that he is not a mere background. Red and black make me think of Mark Rothko. Rothko the Cat. Can I have an invite to his first exhibition please?

  2. Call him “Blank Canvas” – it is still an art-y name, but then he won’t get paint on him!

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