Disabled ingenuity

15 days on the top floor without the call button on the lift. You cannot walk down the stairs, although someone who is downstairs can send the lift up for you. What would you do?

Tonight, I’m setting my readers a challenge. What is the most imaginative way you can think of pressing the lift button on the first floor when you can’t leave the second floor.

Here are the constraints of this challenge. You must imagine:

  • your walking is so impaired you use a wheelchair to get around
  • you have limited muscle strength
  • you only have what you have in your home now as materials
  • there is an open balcony between you and the first floor lift button. (If you were able to hang from the balcony like a bat, you can see the call button on the lift)

My first suggestion was a slingshot propelled from a long pole with a mirror attached so you can see.

My second suggestion is to train the cat to walk down the stairs and leap at the button, hop in the lift and return to the top.

My first suggestion is far more likely to happen.

Ok, let’s hear it! How would you send the lift up?


Posted on April 20, 2012, in Disability and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. I would call my girlfriend and ask her to drive over toy house and send the lift up.

    • I expected a far more imaginative answer from you!

    • I thought you of all people would be the one coming up with… ‘take the remote control helicopter and attach a wooden spoon to it’s undercarriage. Fly the helicopter over the balcony and collide the spoon into the button…’


      ‘use all the chopsticks you aren’t able to use for eating together with some baking paper to construct wings and attach those to…?’

  2. Can they reset the lift to hang out on floor 2 instead of the lobby? Then it would just be a matter of waiting.

  3. Oldcat I like your thinking.

  4. I would train my Eclectus parrot to fly down and push the button, or get my Eclectus parrot to give the doorman on the bottom floor a letter saying push the button!

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