Sunday 15th April: My day in photographs



the wonky cross

The church of the wonky cross

Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens I

Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens: is it a tarantula in disguise?

Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens III

Capture of a bee using a +4 lens

Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens II

Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens

The Galah Tree

The Galah Tree: look closely and the tree is 'dotted' with birds



Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens IV

My favourite shot of the day: Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens


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  1. All the crosses are wonky – first I’ve seen a cross with 4 equal legs used as a religious symbol.

    That truck cab looks older than the tree. Does it still run?

    Great pictures!

    • Well spotted oldcat! I was just focused on the one which was falling off.
      I doubt the truck still runs. It’s ‘wrapped’ in fairy lights. At least I think that’s what they are. It’s parked near a roadside stall that sold apples and other fruit. I guess it’s their ‘landmark’.

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