Our deaf cat’s wheelchair riding skills

Apparently some cats are afraid of wheelchairs. I’ve certainly seen some dogs be very wary of the man with the wheels.
Gesso, our deaf white cat, is anything but spooked. Here’s a short video of him sitting while Andrew moves around freely. Even when Andrew does a wheelstand he shows no sign of getting off.


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  1. That’s cute. All my four small dogs are fine around my electric wheelchair, they even jump up on my lap and fight for the best seat in the house lol. But if I am at a friends or going to for a walk a lot of dogs are wary of my wheelchair, but there are others that just want to say hi no matter what. Also me and my sister find that Pelicans growl at us every time we are at the beach; it’s strange đŸ™‚ .

    • Zia that’s funny! I was with Andrew at a park one day and I’d wandered off. I came back to find him with a swan behind him. I said, ‘I see you have a friend’, Andrew said ‘It’s no friend. Quick. Run!’

      It must be something about big birds.

  2. When I was in college my black kitten would often accompany me around campus during summers, and when a friend in a wheelchair met up with us Kublai would hop off my shoulder onto his lap, or walk along behind him, in the shadow when the sun was hot.

  3. very cute…gesso seems fine until his tail gets caught in Andy’s wheel..then games over lol

  4. Blimey, Gesso has grown so much. He is going a big cat. Such a love
    Y bushy tail too. Just right for getting in the oil paint. I am also a little concerned about his tail/wheel safety.
    Not Cat doesn’t like my bike. I have witnessed his reaction around shoppers. He was fine with Mother’s wheelchair.

    • Isobel, don’t give Andrew any ideas. Next thing he’ll want to use the tail as a paintbrush!

      As far as safety goes, he’s been riding around on Andrew’s knee for many months now so I think he’s mastered it. Unlike avoiding paint pallettes, or stoves, or getting under Andrew’s legs when he’s standing. I’d prefer he be on Andrew’s lap than the floor. With his lack of hearing, it’s a case of not hearing Andrew coming and worse, not hearing Andrew telling him to get out of the way. At least on his lap, we know where he is!

      • Doesn’t he sense the vibration at all? I mean feel it through his body? Do you ever see him react if something is dropped, or to a draught of air?

      • Yes, he gets this stunned look sometimes. It’s almost like he’s been woken from a very deep sleep. The times you notice it most is when Pickle is sleeping next to him and Pickle responds to a sound and then Gesso pops up a couple of moments later.
        The wheelchair doesn’t actually make a lot of noise or cause much vibration through the carpet. I’ve tried foot stamping to see if he picks up that vibration but with no noticeable detection.

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