Painting whale song

1 art helperI got up this morning and thought I’d paint. Then I checked my art table.

There was a furry obstacle.

So I walked up the street to buy bread instead.

Then I worked for a bit.

Followed by a bit of garden pruning.

Before re-checking the art table to see whether I could finish my piece.

2 art helpers
Nope. Double trouble.

So I had a power nap.

Then considered doing some more work.

Opened and the file and felt overwhelmed at where to start.

Walked to the bottle shop instead for some cider. (I had a craving for it. I’ll have a drink once every couple of months, so this is not a regular coping strategy!)

Finally, my art friends had evacuated and I could conclude painting the piece Andrew has named Whale Song. I’ve got no idea why. I’m not really sure what it is, so I’ll go with that title!

Whale Song


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  1. They wanted you to wait until you were completely ready to paint. Love to see someone else’s art space with cats. Awesome painting!

  2. Oh, that’s what it was! Little did I realise my cats were so considerate!

  3. I am amused to see that you are soft as I am about removing your cats from their chosen spots. Most others would lift them away.
    I see you painting as the whale’s eye looking at me as he croons. 🙂

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