The milestone

April is supposed to be the month of Event and Milestone Photography. When I started the year I had all this enthusiasm to explore a different photographic topic each month. I’m not even half way through the year and my attentiveness of petering out.

It’s not anything to do with lack of enthusiasm for the subject. It’s more to do with lack of time. Available time to be specific. I have quite the same number of hours this month per day as I did the month gone by. I’m just using lots of those hours working.

My neices first birthday would have been a fantastic opportunity for some good Event and Milestone photographs however I missed it as I was preparing to run a workshop the next day.

Indeed the rate i’m going the only milestone this month will be writing more than one blog post! April has arrived. Sneakily. I swear it was still March. At least 6 days ago it was. I didn’t even get around to posting my final landscape photography shots before the end of the month.

So here are the tardy landscape shots. They were actually taken at the very beginning of the month when I was still on holidays. They may seem like unusual choices for landscapes.

Northern NSW sugarcane

Northern NSW sugarcane. Captured from moving car. Approximate speed 110km/hr.

I get it that not many people are probably excited by sugarcane. Mum said to me:

it’s just like big grass.

Indeed mum it is. The reason it makes it to my list of landscape photography shots is because I managed to get this super clear photo from the moving car while Andrew was driving at between 100km/hr and 110. Of course I think I took about 50 shots before I got one that was a) clear, b) without a roadsign pole and c) not at an angle.

So it is that I have some pride about my picture of ‘big grass’ as mum puts it.

The building nature took back

The building nature took back

The second one, is a shot where man came along and made something and then nature took the landscape back. My father mocks Andrew and I for our love of photographing decaying buildings. This one I love particularly because it is not only the building which is weathered, but the trees as well. It seems such a lovely harmony. It’s one of my favourite shots of the trip as it is as I photographed it; no colour adjustments, no sharpening or tweaks. It is just as it was.

Finally my third shot is another ‘moving car feat’. I like this one for the contrast of the white tree trunks against the green of the landscape. I love how nature is so regimented, vertically ordered and rhythmic in this shot. It is also every bit the Australian road trip. When I travelled through parts of England, Wales and Scotland I was struck but the varying countryside. I remember emerging from the magical Snowdonia National Park to find a landscape of slate hills that were strangely beautiful. The other thing about the UK was the different kind of green. It wasn’t until I experienced that green, that I realised our green was different. Ours is limey, earthy, faded and scratchy. Only until I was without it did I realise that this slightly different green was home.

Nature's verticals

Nature's verticals


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  1. I love that last shot especially! Wonderful!

  2. I love your landscapes, all three, but really liked the sugar cane because of the way you shot it, just the tops against the sky.

    Yes, everyone’s green is different. So is everyone’s blue sky. Good luck getting it all done.

  3. Absolutely love the last photo of the white trees. And of course the other ones too. But the contrast between the green and white trees sticks with me. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I totally identify…

    “It’s not anything to do with lack of enthusiasm for the subject. It’s more to do with lack of time. Available time to be specific.”

    Hang it there (-:

  5. Good to see you again. I was starting to wonder if something had happened.
    Nice big grass!
    Whenever I am away for any length of time, seeing all the greens when I come back always makes me feel I am home.

    Can milestones be actual milestone?

  6. Perhaps a way to get the time is to use as your subjects things that are local and close instead of something that takes a lot of time and effort to get to. It might be hard to squeeze a subject out, but at least you can get to it.

  7. Michele lewis

    fast moving pics r great especially when they come out so great…especially if ur driving too lol. I totally get the green thing…when I went to germany…totally different green than where I live in Austin Texas…I was amazed!

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