Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

The Driver

I took this photo today. Andrew is my unusual subject.

For starters, this is a man who loves shopping. Male of species = likes shopping centres. Weird, right? I know what your thinking, he must be gay. Well, no, although early on, the thought crossed my mind as he seemed overly tidy for a male. However, straight he is. The only straight man I know who is disappointed when he misses out on the soft furnishings department of IKEA.

Waverley Angel IIIIf that’s not unusual enough, then try this one. This is a guy, who takes his girlfriend on a date, to the cemetery. (Thankfully it was a cemetery renowned for its beautiful angel statues.)

The same guy decided that if he couldn’t have a dog, he’d have a cat that was like a dog. And so it was that Pickle learned how to play fetch. Not with a ball, but with a pistachio nut.

This is a boy who has gone beyond mis-matching socks, to mis-matching shoes. He has a habit of wearing one orange and one green converse shoe. It sparks comment wherever we go.

Little do they know that the shoes are even a different size. The green pair are actually a size too big. Andrew would go into the store time and time again and swoon over these green shoes always to be told they only had a size 11. After several months, we decided that Andrew’s walking is so infrequent that we might as well just get the size 11s.


The green and orange shoes (between a sculpture in a Queensland art gallery)

Following this, Andrew has become convinced that one foot is bigger than the other anyway. So while he wears an orange and a green one, it’s always the same orange and green one. If he ever decides to wear two matching ones again, I fear he’ll have one ‘new green’ shoe and one sun-bleached one!

Lastly, Andrew thinks he’s a whale. (See, I warned you he was unusual). For the last month or so, Andrew has been dropping little snippets of whale song into our conversation. We are driving along and all of a sudden, the whale noise comes out. (Don’t panic mum, it’s usually at a red traffic light). The worst part is that he cocks his head to one side and, with whale song voicing, pushes his head toward you with one giant eye staring at you. It’s his impersonation of what it would be like if a whale came up right next to you.

I cannot recall what started him on this very peculiar behaviour, I just know that it seems here to stay. While I managed to get the one decent shot of him today at the top of this post without him being a fool, I couldn’t achieve the same when we were out and about. The last photo is one of him at the start of the whale manoeuvre. That one eye was headed for me.

Andrew the whale


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  1. I find the rainbow sculpture interesting – and unusual.

  2. Terrific top photo!! Thanks for the story behind the man.

  3. ah yes did I already know the man from the land down under was unusual…yes yes I did. he certainly makes life more fun! he always gives me a laugh when I need it! ;)xx

  4. Except for the whale thing, this dude sounds scarily similar to me.

    I’m not going around sharing a personality. Tell him to meed me at the Brooklyn Bridge for a knife fight in three days. I want my soul back.

    • Ah Posky, but you have to remember that Andrew’s in a wheelchair, so if he has a knife fight with you he could get you in the nuts if you’re a boy, or ruin your chances of having children if you’re a girl.

      • Knife fights are possibly the only type of battle where higher ground doesn’t pay off.

        I’ll revise my tactics but I promise you he’s going to end up my greatest foe or most powerful ally.

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