Abstract Doves

It’s been a while since I put paint to canvas. On Thursday night, after visiting a friend and meeting her new cat Tigger, I got home and did not feel like any more work. I’d worked Tuesday night, I’d worked Wednesday night. I know when you come back from holidays there’s always a catch up to be had. Unfortunately, I know that it’s not just a few days of catch-up. Two work priorities have collided and short of performing cloning myself, it’s clear I’m going to need some help to get through it or my boss is going to have to be happy with a significant delay.

Either way, by Thursday night, I just wanted to enjoy. I picked up a paintbrush. I covered one board in paint. It was too wet, so I picked up another, then another. I love working on three paintings at once. Tonight, I have 4 on the go. This is the only one I think is finished.

I think it looks like doves. I’m sure that people may see other things in those smudges.

Abstract Doves

Mixed Media on Linen covered MDF board. 10" X 14". Golden acrylics, caran d'ache neocolor I and collage.


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  1. I love this painting! And it does look like doves, I may have seen birds even without the title. Sometimes when we give our minds a break, like vacation, we do our best work, even under pressed circumstances. I haven’t been reading long enough to know that you paint as well. I’m impressed!

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