40 words: a new word challenge

In honour of Andrew’s 40th birthday, I’m asking my followers to submit between 1 and 3 random words. I will use 40 of them in one blog post. I’ve done this once before with 42 words which ended up as a story about a budgie and a moose. It was a lot of fun.

Given it’s Andrew’s birthday, I’m going to try to use the 40 words in a story about him.

Same rules apply as before, if I get over 40 words from followers then I can pick whichever ones I want.

Please submit words by making a comment on this post by end of Thursday 1st March so I can concoct this story on the weekend.

I’ll start with my 3 words:

  1. green
  2. mischievous
  3. bagpipes
  4. albino
  5. aardvark
  6. tree
  7. inspection
  8. t-shirt
  9. ladder
  10. sand
  11. rotund
  12. hanging
  13. splodge
  14. body lotion
  15. annotation
  16. suitable
  17. whisper
  18. toast
  19. blonde
  20. effervescence
  21. geometry
  22. dermagraphic
  23. ubiquitous
  24. prophylactic
  25. whale
  26. lotus
  27. pops
  28. languid
  29. mellifluous
  30. extraordinary
  31. mermaid
  32. miserable
  33. middle
  34. gliding
  35. reflection
  36. soft
  37. eclectic
  38. electric
  39. acerbic
  40. rusty

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  1. Tree Inspection
    Seeing i’ve just sent $50 to the council to have them just peek at the tree.
    Some wise words from Mum

  2. Body lotion

  3. Whisper, toast and blonde! looking forward to a read!

  4. Sounds like fun, so here are my words:

  5. Dermagraphic

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