4 turns 40

Today, the chief whale noise maker himself turns 40.

The boy who likes to video TAFE teachers when they’re not looking and post them to facebook; the boy who switches signs to say class has moved room, is supposedly a 40 year grown up.

This is the boy who put a soda water bottle on his head as a cooling mechanism – for apparently we lose lots of heat through our head so it must be the best area of our body to cool. Along a similar vein, he put a shower cap on his head last winter in Dubbo, hoping to retain all the heat.

The lovable fool is presently loafing in bed. After all, it’s only 7am. (We choose Queensland time when it suits us). I’m going to start poking him with his stick soon to get him up. He may be having a birthday but I sure as hell can’t poach my own egg for breakfast!

Andrew's 40th birthday

Andrew's 40th birthday


Posted on February 28, 2012, in Life. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Maybe he was born sensible and is living his life in reverse…

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