Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

My interpretation of indulge came not in a single image but a series of pictures representing my day. I spent the morning at the Matisse Exhibition Drawing Life at GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art Brisbane). Matisse I think must be the master of ‘less is more’. His drawings are often seemingly missing lines yet your mind fills them in. I said to Andrew it’s like the visual version of ‘auditory closure.’

We followed up GOMA with a trip to the Art Gallery, the Museum and a children’s illustrators exhibition at the Queensland State Library. When your morning is peppered with viewing paintings by Renoir, Rubens, Degas, Whiteley, McCubbin, Drysdale and Dobell… how can it be anything but indulgent?

Whilst photography in the Matisse exhibition was not permitted, it was allowed in other areas. Here are just a few of the treasures I got to see today.


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  1. What a brilliant way to indulge a passion, sound like a great gallery!

  2. Some nice photographs of art….

  3. Thank you for an educational indulgence.. lovely pictures..;)

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    An interesting one.

  5. Love the Degas. How nice to spend a day indulging yourself like that!

    I have given up trying to leave my link on the WordPress site – it refuses to allow me in. Every week its a problem, but usually sheer persistence gets there. Not this time!

    Any ideas of how to get into WordPress?
    I asked Isobel to try and post my link for me, but she had no success either.

    Writing from the Edge


  6. What a wonderful indulgence – viewing art! Great photos!

  7. Beautiful photos.

  8. Wonderful choice… 😉

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