Show us your abs Jim!



While on holiday, I have to admit that my mind occassionally wanders to thinking about work. Surprisingly, it is not thinking about the actual work, rather, I’m contemplating how Jim’s exercise regime is going. I’m away for 2 weeks. Surely by the time I get back his transformation into Tarzan of the Jungle will be complete?

He has already been crowing that he looks like Hugh Jackman. Now, I can’t be too disparaging of this claim. He is after all, my boss: it could be quite detrimental to my employment prospects! However, Jim, I’m going to recommend that prior to your Peru trek you get a thorough check-up from your doctor. Include an optometrist in that. Your eyes may be playing up.

I’m not going to insinuate that you are mistaken about your growing muscular strength. All that strenuous walking you’re doing to the photocopier will surely be resulting in a well-toned body. Where I think you’re mistaken is in the hair department. Jim, your hair gets more than an inch from your scalp and the whole office knows that you have to visit the barber immediately. As for the stubble… well, I’ve not seen you sport any. Now, if you are going to trek Peru, you need to look the part! Think Indiana Jones… think stubble and scruffy hair. Jim, you have to make the ultimate sacrifice and let that hair get close to your ears. It might be a helpful asset in protecting yourself from getting llama spit down your ears. We don’t want you needing to consult our audiologists for months thereafter searching for a slimy deposit in those ears.

On the serious side, I see that you have raised over $7,000 or to be precise, 24% to target. If you continue to fair well, perhaps you can raise the bar a little. I hear $2,460,000 is a good target to aim for… my colleagues and I could take the rest of the year off and leave you to impress us.

Then again, if you’re really looking like Hugh Jackman, you could just get a bit more like him and have enough money to just write a cheque!


To check out Jim’s blog – who knows he could today be claiming to be Bridgette Bardot – you can visit him here.


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  1. Lysh, I’m crushed … you can tell the difference between the photos? I would have sworn they were almost identical. But you’re right – if I just grow my hair and stubble then I will be a spitting image of Hugh!

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